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🌸 Exquisite Metal Floral Button Cabochons | 15mm | 100/300 Pcs 🌼

🌸 Exquisite Metal Floral Button Cabochons | 15mm | 100/300 Pcs 🌼


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🌸 Unveiling Our Enchanting Metal Floral Button Cabochons! 🌸

Are you ready to infuse your creations with timeless beauty? Look no further! Our exquisite metal floral button cabochons are here to elevate your jewelry, garments, and crafts.


  1. Material: Crafted from high-quality metal, these cabochons exude durability and sophistication.
  2. Size: Each button measures 15mm in diameter, making them ideal for detailed embellishments.
  3. Quantity Options:
    • Choose from 100 or 300 pieces to suit your project requirements.
  4. Color Palette:
    • Navy: Deep and regal, perfect for evening wear.
    • Green: Fresh and vibrant, reminiscent of lush gardens.
    • Orange: Warm and inviting, adds a pop of energy.
    • Pink: Delicate and romantic, great for feminine designs.
    • Red: Bold and passionate, makes a statement.
    • White: Classic and versatile, pairs well with any palette.

Why Choose Our Cabochons?

  • Floral Elegance: Each button features intricate floral patterns, adding grace to your creations.
  • Versatility: Sew them onto clothing, use them in jewelry, or incorporate them into mixed media art.
  • Smooth Back: The flat back ensures easy attachment.
  • Timeless Appeal: These buttons transcend trends and remain eternally chic.

Crafting Ideas:

  1. Apparel Embellishments:
    • Sew them onto blouses, dresses, or jackets for a touch of sophistication.
    • Create unique button-down shirts or cardigans.
  2. Jewelry Design:
    • Use them as focal points in earrings, brooches, or pendants.
    • Combine different colors for eclectic bracelets.
  3. Home Decor:
    • Glue them onto photo frames, decorative pillows, or lampshades.
    • Add a vintage touch to curtains or tablecloths.

Embrace Timeless Beauty:

Our metal floral button cabochons evoke memories of bygone eras, yet their allure remains fresh. Whether you’re a seasoned crafter or a novice, these buttons will elevate your projects to new heights.

🌼 Shop Now and Create Timeless Treasures! 🌼

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