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Indian Petals

DIY Raw Materials Combo for Making Stunning Bandarwal at Home

DIY Raw Materials Combo for Making Stunning Bandarwal at Home


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Charismatic Bandarwal Making DIY Raw Materials Combo - Make Your Own Beautiful Bandarwal at Home

Do you want to decorate your home with a beautiful bandarwal that reflects your personality and style? Do you want to make your own bandarwal with simple and affordable materials? If yes, then you will love this Charismatic Bandarwal Making DIY Raw Materials Combo.

This combo is a complete kit that contains everything you need to make a stunning bandarwal at home. It may includes:

  • Velvet rose head: A soft and elegant flower that adds a touch of charm and grace to your bandarwal.
  • Fabric leaf: A realistic and natural-looking leaf that complements the rose head and creates a contrast.
  • Foam disk patch: A round and flat base that holds the rose head and the leaf together and provides stability and support.
  • ABS beads: A shiny and colorful bead that adds sparkle and glamour to your bandarwal.
  • Kharbuja ABS beads: A textured and metallic bead that adds dimension and richness to your bandarwal.
  • Tassel: A long and flowing fringe that adds movement and flair to your bandarwal.
  • Gold filler stick: A thin and flexible stick that adds a touch of gold and elegance to your bandarwal.

With this combo, you can make a bandarwal that is about 1 meter long and 10 cm wide. You can also customize it according to your preference and creativity. You can choose the color, shape, and size of the rose head, the leaf, the beads, and the tassel. You can also arrange them in different patterns and styles. The possibilities are endless!

Making a bandarwal with this combo is easy and fun. You don't need any special skills or tools. You just need to follow these simple steps:

  • Cut the thread into two equal pieces and tie a knot at one end of each piece.
  • Thread the foam disk patch, the rose head, and the leaf onto one piece of thread and secure them with a knot.
  • Thread the ABS beads, the kharbuja CCB beads, and the gold filler stick onto the other piece of thread and secure them with a knot.
  • Tie the two pieces of thread together at the other end and attach the tassel.
  • Repeat the process until you have enough bandarwal segments to cover the desired length.
  • Join the bandarwal segments together with knots or clips and hang your bandarwal on your door, wall, window, or anywhere you like.

Key Points -

  • Elevate your crafts with the Indian Petal Combo Set featuring 5pcs of luxurious 5cm Velvet Fabric Roses, adding a touch of elegance and texture to your projects.
  • Add a burst of colour with 100pcs of Mini Satin Fabric Roses (28mm) in either Yellow or Light Green, providing a versatile and vibrant element for your creative endeavours
  • Customize your designs with 1600 pcs of 5mm ABS Beads or 360pcs of 8mm ABS Beads, offering a wide range of options to add intricate details and embellishments.
  • Infuse a playful charm into your creations with 60pcs of 14mm Round Fruit Ball Beads, creating a unique and eye-catching feature for your jewellery or decor projects.
  • Enhance your designs with 15 pcs of 7-line Tassels, providing a touch of traditional elegance and movement to your accessories or home decor items.
  • Ensure a sturdy foundation for your crafts with 28mm White Foam Disks, offering a versatile base for various DIY projects.
  • Embrace sophistication with 10pcs of Beaded Rings, adding a touch of glamour and style to your jewellery collection.
  • Explore a variety of textures with 36pcs of Foam Buds in Light Yellow or Gold, allowing you to incorporate subtle floral accents into your designs.
  • Immerse yourself in a world of creativity with this thoughtfully curated combo set, offering a diverse range of elements to inspire your artistic expression.

Products Included -

This combo is a great way to unleash your creativity and make your own beautiful bandarwal at home. It is also a great gift for your friends and family who love crafting and decorating. You can order this combo online and get it delivered to your doorstep in no time. You can also enjoy free shipping on orders above Rs. 5000 and cash on delivery option.

So, what are you waiting for? Order this Charismatic Bandarwal Making DIY Raw Materials Combo today and make your own beautiful bandarwal at home!

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