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🌸 Whimsical Silicone Astronaut Doll Pendants | 25 Pcs 🌼

🌸 Whimsical Silicone Astronaut Doll Pendants | 25 Pcs 🌼

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🌸 Unleash Your Imagination: Astronaut Doll Silicone Pendants! 🌸

Are you ready to embark on a cosmic adventure? Look no further! Our whimsical astronaut doll pendants are here to take your creativity to new heights. 🚀


  1. Shape: Each pendant is meticulously crafted in the form of a charming astronaut. Their tiny helmets and outstretched arms evoke dreams of space exploration.
  2. Color: A pristine white hue symbolizes the purity of the cosmos.
  3. Quantity: A set of 25 awaits your artistic endeavors.
  4. Size: At 4x3x1.5 cm, these pendants strike the perfect balance between dainty and eye-catching.
  5. Weight: Approximately 0.500 grams per piece – light enough to wear comfortably.

Why Choose Our Astronaut Doll Pendants?

  • Space-Themed Magic: Whether you’re a stargazer or a sci-fi enthusiast, these pendants capture the wonder of the universe.
  • Versatility: String them onto necklaces, bracelets, or keychains. Attach them to zippers or backpacks.
  • Smooth Surface: The silicone material feels soft against the skin.
  • Endless Creativity: Mix and match with other space-themed charms for a celestial ensemble.

Crafting Ideas:

  1. Jewelry Beyond Earth:
    • Create astronaut-themed necklaces for stargazers.
    • Design matching earrings for cosmic enthusiasts.
  2. Space Exploration Art:
    • Embed them in resin coasters or wall art.
    • Craft a miniature astronaut diorama.
  3. Gifts for Dreamers:
    • Make personalized keychains for aspiring astronauts.
    • Attach them to bookmarks for avid readers.

Embrace Cosmic Whimsy:

Our astronaut doll silicone pendants invite you to explore the unknown, spark curiosity, and celebrate the dreamer within. Whether you’re a seasoned crafter or a curious beginner, these pendants will launch your creativity to infinity and beyond.

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    हम आपके शिपिंग स्थान और सरकारी नीतियों के आधार पर 3-12 दिनों के भीतर आपके ऑर्डर को आप तक पहुंचाने का प्रयास करेंगे।

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