Collection: 🌸 Indian Petals: Handcrafted Fabric Flowers for Elegant Decor!

Discover the Artistry of Fabric Flowers

At Indian Petals, we weave magic with our handcrafted fabric blooms. Each petal is meticulously shaped, infusing elegance into every creation. Whether you’re adorning a wedding venue, enhancing home decor, or creating personalized accessories, our fabric flowers add a touch of sophistication.

Why Choose Fabric Flowers?

  1. Textile Beauty: Our fabric blooms come in a variety of materials—silk, cotton, and organza. Their soft textures and vibrant colors elevate any setting.
  2. Versatile Applications:
    • Weddings: Bouquets, corsages, and table centerpieces.
    • Home Decor: Wreaths, garlands, and wall art.
    • Fashion: Hair accessories, brooches, and embellishments.
  3. Lifelike Realism: Our artisans meticulously mimic nature, ensuring that each fabric flower exudes authenticity.

Our Floral Offerings

  1. Synthetic Blooms: Luxurious and timeless, silk fabric flowers add elegance to bridal attire and home decor.
  2. Cotton Blossoms: Rustic charm meets softness. Perfect for farmhouse-style arrangements.
  3. Organza Petals: Sheer and delicate, organza flowers create ethereal beauty.

Crafted with Love

Our artisans pour their hearts into every stitch. Feel the love woven into each fabric petal.

A Symphony of Colors

Explore our palette:

  • Ivory Elegance: Soft whites for weddings.
  • Blushing Pinks: Romantic and feminine.
  • Sage Greens: Natural and calming.
  • Sunset Oranges: Vibrant and eye-catching.

Indian Petals: Where Fabric Blooms Flourish

Every fabric flower tells a story—a celebration of creativity and craftsmanship.

*Please read our Return Policy before placing the order.

Discover elegant fabric flowers by Indian Petals. Perfect for weddings, home decor, and fashion! 🌼 #TextileArt